Get It All Together

  • Uniform presentation of information
  • Integrate islands of information
  • Better executive decisions from better information
  • Rockwall Controls can help with more information


In an ideal world, all machines communicate one with another via common protocol. However, in the real world, millions of machines use a broad variety of protocols. One could wait for the ideal world, or, one could accept the real world and deal with it. Machine-to-machine, or M2M, communications is a new term for the real world of systems integration where devices using one protocol share real-time data with other devices that use another protocol.

M2M means data from power monitoring and control equipment that speaks MODBUS becomes fully interactive with HVAC equipment speaking LON.

The bottom line: disparate protocols are no longer a barrier to economical integration of building processes across the enterprise.

Business Decisions

Shared networks, automation and business, facilitate automatic data acquisition from building automation systems by Executive Information Systems (EIS).

Increase your EIS decision-making capacity without inflating your payroll. Epistemology may not improve your tennis game, but it will improve your "serve".