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iLoad Manager

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

The Problem

Conventional HVAC control systems react to temperature settings, a discharge air temperature, for example, instead of intelligently responding to the actual heating or cooling load presented by associated zones of indoor climate control (heating, cooling, relative humidity and pressurization).

Consequently, owner experiences a higher frequency of mechanical failures than should be expected. Naturally, mechanical failures affect the performance of the building which affects the persons that occupy that building, whether employees or clients.

The Solution

Rockwall Controls Company, Inc. iLoad software matches load demand of zones with equipment to intelligently provide smooth operation of mechanical systems which yields more stable indoor climate conditions as it reduces energy consumption and minimizes costly repairs. What’s the Bottom line? Better performance with a lower total cost of ownership (TOC).

How Does It Work?

Proprietary iLoad algorithms build a body of knowledge from which the algorithms optimize heating, cooling, humidification and pressurization control loops.

Conventional control systems will operate heating or cooling equipment whether zone(s) require little or much conditioning. iLoad algorithms recognize opportunities to scale back heating and/or cooling capacity without loss of comfort.

Can I Adapt iLoad to My Control System?

Rockwall Controls iLoad can be adapted to most digital (intelligent, programmable) control systems: Tridium® Niagara Framework®, Vykon®, Honeywell WEBs®, and most modern control systems deploying programmable controllers. In some cases, we have integrated existing control systems with modern programmable controllers that communicate via IP, BACnet or LonMark-compliant networks.

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