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Uncertain Future?

Let’s see now: housing prices collapsing, real estate market faltering, rising unemployment, bank failures, looming threat of global inflation and astronomical national debt. Yes, one could easily imagine the worst happening.

Well, what do you do? Sit on your blessed assurance and hope for the best? You could. If you do, be sure of one thing, the future will run over you.
No doubt some time in your life you heard about the Chinese symbol for “crisis”. Two separate symbols, one for “danger”, the other for “opportunity”, together represent “crisis”.

Crisis: Danger + Opportunity

Okay, no doubt you recognize the danger. So let’s move on to the opportunity.

Opportunity Galore

Commodity speculators, the folks who drive the cost of energy, anticipate $300/barrel oil that, some say, leads to $8/gallon gasoline. What does it mean when “gold bugs” forecast $5,000/ounce?

As energy cost increases, so does our value to our customers.
It’s time for fresh ideas and creative thinking, if American enterprises are going to thrive in uncertain times.

Due to inevitable inflation, everything will become more costly. Deferring decisions to become more energy efficient is not the good choice. Now is the time to prepare for the future. When the future arrives, it will just be too late for the business owner or property owner who failed to think strategically.

Some of the most successful American companies around today were birthed during the Great Depression.

He Who Hesitates is Lost

Call me today, or send an email. Let’s work together to overcome rising energy costs and higher taxes. Allow me to apply my 36 years of experience in energy management and building controls to help you meet your goals.

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