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EMP Protection: Incorporating genuine sustainability for facilities

Electromagnetic Pulse – EMP – of sufficient magnitude can darken an entire continent. Would you want to be on a polar flight during a corona mass ejection – CME – event?

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An EMP from a strategic nuclear attack could darken most of the USA.

The electromagnetic spectrum breaks down to seven classifications. From longest wave length to shortest the classifications are:

  1. Radio waves
  2. Microwaves
  3. Infrared waves
  4. Visible light waves
  5. Ultraviolet waves
  6. X-Rays
  7. Gamma waves 

All electromagnetic radiation is invisible to the human eye, all except the visible light spectrum.

Just below the visible light spectrum is the infrared you sense as radiant heat. At the top of this spectrum, ultraviolet radiation – UVA & UVB – cause skin to tan and very often spawn deadly melanoma skin cancers.

Far beyond ultraviolet radiation are the gamma rays. Gamma rays breakdown into three wavelengths: Alpha (α) radiation is relatively harmless to humans, Beta (β) and Gamma (γ) radiation penetrate human skin to damage all manner of human cells.

As I write, and you read and hear about, destructive electromagnetic pulse (EMP) events. Which of the seven classifications do EMP encompass?

Some describe EMP as electromagnetic soup because these events cover the electromagnetic spectrum from radio (VLF) to ultraviolet.

Lightning strikes are one natural source of EMP. Lightning strikes nominally occur ~100 times per second ( ~8 million per day, ~3 billion per year). Lightning killed 36 U.S. residents in 2016 and caused billions of dollars in damages due to fires, structural damage from shock waves, and destruction of electrical/electronic apparatus by power surges.

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Solar CME and solar wind are natural sources of EMP and represent greater risk to mankind than lightning. Fortunately, due to 93 million miles separation between earth and our sun, the irregularity of CME, and the physics of the inverse square law, the probability of our demise by EMP is very low. This is the good news. Now for the bad.

Two nuclear-armed nations threaten to annihilate the United States of America with their nuclear-equipped intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM). Military experts anticipate high-altitude explosions from which extremely powerful EMP could disable most of the electrical power distribution networks across America. Is the EMP threat genuine? Learn more via this link: Here again, this is the bad news. Now for the good. The good news is we can dramatically mitigate the risk of EMP strike by a rogue nation by “hardening” our nation’s electrical grids – there are many, two in Texas.

The Rockwall Company can’t protect power grids, but we can protect your stand-alone facility through application of active tracking power filters and transient-voltage surge suppression. The Texas Legislature failed to move forward with a bill proposed by State Senator Bob Hall (SD-2) this year. Hopefully, between now and conclusion of the next legislative session, our enemies delay acting on their threats and sensible and cost-effective actions will be implemented to protect our electrical energy supplies. I think it necessary to warn that one strategically deployed EMP strike would leave as much as 90% of our population dead within one year, according to experts on the subject. On the road to making America great again, let’s not bury our heads in the sand and be proactive in preserving and defending our nation against all enemies, foreign and domestic. How can we help your business or medical facility?

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