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Legendary investor Jim Rogers: Western civilization is going to collapse

Mr. Rogers’ wisdom: Do not invest in what you want. It’s better to invest in what’s happening in the world.

If you use the WAZE app while driving as I do, you get advance warning of hazards ahead of you thereby providing time to take alternative action – object on road, pothole ahead, traffic at a standstill.

What I suggest and what I practice is proactive thinking. Unfortunately, we humans tend to linearize our projections into the future.

Here’s stark reality, my friends. All markets go up and down, bubbles and crashes. How long has this been going on? From time immemorial.

Jim Rogers briefly discusses the natural economic cycle which usually goes seven years between bubbles and crashes. The last major crash was 2008, therefore the last crash should have happened almost two years ago. Rogers is simply applying history to his outlook of a crash this year or soon thereafter.

What to do? Instead of linearizing your projections, extrapolate the future with an eye on the past.

Currently, unemployment is greater than it was in 1933 at the lowest point of the Great Depression when unemployment was 25%. According to the Dept. of Labor, the labor participation rate is 62.7% of the able-bodied workforce and this translates to 37.3% actual unemployment.

Thousands of retail stores are closing, but it’s not due to customers not buying what they need and want. It’s a shift in how they buy what they need and want, a shift from storefronts to websites.

Personally, I don’t plan to go under. I’m going over because that is what I am: an overcomer.

Have faith for the future and invest wisely to excel during the next market crash.

Perhaps we can help.

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