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Tsunami of Science To Your Benefit

Musing on gravity waves, the question of the definition of gravity comes to mind. Is gravity an attraction force? Is it the earth’s gravity that draws material to its surface?

Gravity and the Space-Time Continuum

Or, is it possible observable gravity events are actually the consequence of an outside force pushing material to the surface of the earth?
Dr. Albert Einstein theorized gravity waves in 1916. Proof of his theory came 58 years later on in 1974.

What are gravity waves?


To answer, let’s first examine gravity. Conventional thinking describes gravity as a force of attraction between masses, a force that draws them together. That picture of Newton’s falling apple comes to mind, suggesting the earth draws the apple to earth. We have math to support this concept. But, gravity is actually a force that unites the entire universe. This force is the four-dimensional space-time continuum that binds absolutely everything in the Universe together. Most often, this phenomenon is called a fabric, as a linen sheet or a tee shirt are made of fabrics.
So long as large objects in this space-time continuum remain calm and collected, the fabric of space-time remains stable. The sudden acceleration of a mass distorts the fabric creating waves. Think of a bed sheet undisturbed, wrapping all the objects on your bed, things like pillows, kid toys, that iPad you misplaced last night. If you snap the sheet on one side of the bed, observable waves will be seen across the breadth of the bed. This is my feeble attempt to describe gravity waves.

Where can one observe gravity waves closer to home?


You can observe them along the Pacific ‘rim of fire’. A sudden movement of earthen materials disturbs the space-time continuum resulting in waves of water that can travel thousands of miles before crashing onto a distant shore.
NASA scientists have discovered how tsunamis create gravity waves that cause ripples in the ionosphere hundreds of miles above the surface of the earth. With these observable waves, it will be possible to accurately predict the direction of tsunami waves and thereby warn people to get out of harm’s way.

NASA: Scientists Look to Skies to Improve Tsunami Detection, 17 May 2017

Read: Scientists Look to Skies to Improve Tsunami Detection, published May 17, 2017.
The Bible was scientific long before the birth of Albert Einstein. It says, “For in [God] we live and move and exist.”
Intelligent Design (ID) isn’t a concept of ignorant theorists blinded by religion. ID is a theory supported by scientists throughout the world, many non-religious. Unlike evolutionary-minded scientists who stand on a belief system of atheism, the ID scientists follow the facts to a natural conclusion.
Learn more about peer-reviewed ID scientists via this link:
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