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Mr. Musk Goes to Mars – He thinks the earth unsustainable?

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the entire universe. The sunlight that greets you each morning is the product of the atomic fusion of hydrogen (H2) atoms to form helium (He).

Why is the simplest of elements the most fascinating?

Together, helium and hydrogen represent 99.9% of all the matter in the entire universe and there is ten times as much hydrogen as there is helium!

Oxygen (O2) lines up as the third most abundant element in the entire universe, yet hydrogen is a thousand times more abundant than O2.

Why is this important to know? Stay with me to the end.

It’s the hydrogen element that causes ice to float and it forms the familiar helix in our DNA.

It seems logical, knowing the above ratios of hydrogen and oxygen throughout the known universe that this ratio would extend to our Earth. But such is not the case.

It is oxygen, not hydrogen, that is by weight the singular most common element on Earth. According to the HyperPhysics website of Georgia State University, oxygen makes up 46% of all the earth’s crust. Oxygen accounts for most of the mass of our human bodies as well.

The point is this: the Earth is unique in all the universe. Get used to it. E.T. is not calling home.

Pseudoscientists imagine another Earth-like planet to which they can escape, but it’s not happening.

Elon Musk, arguably the wealthiest man on the face of the earth, plans to colonize Mars. Forgive me, but the idea is simply foolish. Personal wealth does not automatically confer wisdom.

Musk envisions a Martian colony of one million souls by the year 2060, one hundred at a time aboard one of his spaceships. Good luck with that.

In bygone years, early versions of so-called environmentalists complained that at the rate of highway construction, the Earth would soon be paved over. As someone in his seventh decade of life who has flown extensively across the fruited plain, I can attest to the fact that highways are barely visible from 40,000 feet.

A million people? What’s that to the enormous size and resources of the Earth?

India, the most populous nation on earth is 23.8% forested today, up from 21% in 1990. You will be surprised to learn that the population density of India is on a par with the state of New Jersey (The Garden State). 1.9 million acres of New Jersey is forest land and 88% could be harvested for timber.

My point is simply this. The Earth is unique in all the known universe with all the resources to sustain many more billions of people. Outside our protective atmosphere lies a world of hideously harmful radiation and total lack of natural resources to sustain life.

Even if Mr. Musk gets his Martian colony going, that colony would forever be dependent on terrestrial supplies, as is the Space Station orbiting us now.

Each time the alarmists tell us we’re running out of this or that mineral, God shows up to lead men to uncover hidden treasures that will provide all we need for as long as the Earth endures.

John White

Rockwall Controls Company, Inc.

(972) 771-3514


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