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There is a body of thought that we can run America on #RenewableEnergy

There is a body of thought that we can run America on Renewable Energy.

There is a body of thought that we can run America on Renewable Energy.

There is a body of thought that we can run America on #RenewableEnergy.
First of all, let’s clarify the meaning of renewable. One of my dictionaries defines renew, “to restore to a former state esp. so as to be used again”.
While true, this present administration produces a lot of hot air, the immutable laws of physics remain unchanged. The president cannot now, nor will he ever be, capable of changing the natural laws of nature with his phone and his pen.
Any suggestion that wind – air in motion – is ‘renewable’, meaning we the humanoids of earth, can turn it on and off at will, is the zenith of foolishness.
Yesterday, my wife and I visited our grandson who studies at a west Texas university. Our drive takes us through miles of giant windmills. For the record, approximately 1/2 were in operation.
Is it possible for windmills to generate commercial electricity? Most certainly. Is it possible for windmills to generate RELIABLE commercial electricity? Let’s answer this second question with a third: Can ERCOT (the ‘mafia’ that controls the Texas grid) command the wind to blow?
Last August of 2016, ERCOT peak demand surpassed 71,000 megaWatts for the first time ever.
If all the carbon-based power plants were to be shuttered tomorrow AND there were enough operational windmills online to supply the demand for power, what else could we possibly need? Answer: something RELIABLE, something we can turn on and turn off, something like cheap Texas coal and cheap Texas natural gas.
Do windmills perform? Are they viable sources of electrical energy? Yes and yes. However, unlike natural gas-fired and coal-fired power plants, you the taxpayer funds the installations of windmills and the construction of multi-billion-dollar transmission lines that connect the over 10,000 wind turbines into our grid.
West Texas wind is gusty and unreliable. In fact, it’s during the daytime and summertime that we hit our peak demand, but the windmills just aren’t able to provide power when we need it most.
Construction of windmills along the Texas Gulf Coast overcomes the problem of west Texas fickle winds, but there are other issues.
One issue: Ecological harm to birds and bats. Windmills are the only lawful means for killing game birds, vital insect-devouring bats, and even the eagle.
Another issue is noise. Ask people who live near wind farms.
A third issue is the reliability of wind power. What do we need when we have over 18,000 megaWatts of wind power? We need something reliable.
Only a free market serves the broad interests of our fellow Texans. I say let the windmill business go forward but put them on a level playing field with coal-fired, gas-fired and nuclear power plants.
John White
Rockwall Controls Company, Inc.

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