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Three Perils to Facilities – Lightning, EMP, and Solar Storms

NASA warns – History will repeat itself. “Electrical surges due to a solar storm shocked telegraph operators in 1859; today, they could wreak havoc on power grids and electronics.” Science Magazine
There are three natural threats to our power systems and electronic systems so vital to our way of life. Starting from the least to the most perilous: lightning, solar storms, and nuclear bombs bursting high in the atmosphere. Are you protected against even one?
The danger from solar storms is the heating effect on our atmosphere. When heated, the atmosphere expands, as heated air does in a hot-air balloon. Read the article to understand how an expanded atmosphere affects satellite communications.
Lightning strikes the earth 100 times per second, almost 8,000,000 per year.
To date, there have been no detonations of nuclear bombs in time of war, but experts warn the probability of such a strike by rogue nations like Iran increases day by day.
Both lightning and nuclear air bursts produce electromagnetic pulses (EMP) and intense electrostatic fields can affect electrical and electronic systems, the damage a function of the intensity of the EMP.
Scientists say we have 15 to 20 minutes warning, in the case of a solar storm. Weather forecasts generally warn us in advance with enough time to activate planned defenses. But, there will be only a few minutes warning before either a nuclear air burst or a solar flare happens.
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