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EMP Protection: Incorporating genuine sustainability for facilities

Electromagnetic Pulse – EMP – of sufficient magnitude can darken an entire continent. Would you want to be on a polar flight during a corona mass ejection – CME – event? An EMP from a strategic nuclear attack could darken most of the USA. The electromagnetic spectrum breaks down to seven classifications. From longest wave […]

Your Gas Heating Equipment: You May Have a Tiger By the Tail

Will your gas combustions heating equipment comfort you this coming winter? Or, will it become a crisis of a lifetime? It’s what you don’t know that will kill you.

Gas Furnace Or Tiger By The Tail?

Gas furnaces are among the safest HVAC equipment in use anywhere, if all conditions are right. Because of widespread and common use, building owners take for granted reliable and safe operation. Let’s compare an electric furnace to its gas-fired counterpart. Electric Furnaces Electric furnace safety devices typically include circuit breakers to prevent fires due to […]